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I have been in this industry for over nine years now. I have seen a lot of companies come through my office with one gimmick after another trying to solve the compliance issues for the industry. I’ve found Anami to be the one company that understands the systemic challenges our industry faces when it comes to compliance and transparency."

- Sally Vander Veer, President Medicine Man of Colorado

NextGen Industry Compliance

Anami’s technology platform provides cannabis businesses with an unparalleled advantage within the market.

Automated Worflows

take the guess work out of critical compliance requirements to ensure consistent and streamlined processes for businesses, regulators, and financial institutions.

Enhanced Due Diligence

provided by retired law enforcement and Federal Reserve personnel to offer cannabis businesses an insider’s perspective of regulatory and compliance requirements. 

Pathway to Banking

based on rigorous, risk-based security and compliance processes that meet the most stringent banking requirements (FinCEN, anti-money laundering, Bank Secrecy Act).

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