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"“….we need a platform that will provide transparency and compliance to regulators at all levels of government. Anami’s platform bridges that regulatory compliance gap between the industry and regulators.”

- Chris Giunchigliani, Commissioner, Clark County Nevada. Former Nevada State Assemblywoman


Building a Triad of Trust

Anami enables government regulators, cannabis businesses, and financial institutions to easily communicate and operate with transparency and accuracy.

From Rogue to Well-Regulated

Anami's platform brings transparency, oversight, and compliance to a historically illicit market

Reporting & Analytics

allows state and local agencies to monitor licensed cannabis businesses at unparalleled levels of detail with ease and accuracy. Review dashboards and assess trends for improved projections and decision-making.


Internal Auditing

through integration with track and trace and point-of-sale data. Government agencies receive complex information in an easy to understand format. Tax remittances can be compared to cannabis businesses’ accurate financial data.


ArcGIS Mapping

provides streamlined safety for the jurisdiction. Real-time maps of legal and illegal (unlicensed) cannabis businesses operating within the jurisdiction allows for straightforward code enforcement and law enforcement functions.


Pathway to Banking

enables cashless operations. Using rigorous, risk-based security and compliance processes to meet stringent banking requirements (FinCEN, AML), Anami allows financial institutions to offer depository and financing opportunities.




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