An easy-to-use, task-oriented software that manages cannabis compliance from the entitlement process all the way to daily operations. It is cannabis compliance in a box. The software is augmented with project management tools tailored for cannabis operators including staff training, document management and other features. Greenspace greatly decreases the need for large compliance staffing, which can be expensive especially for multi-facility operators, and minimizes human error. It also mitigates the cost of non-compliance, which can ultimately lead to loss of a license.

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Used by some of the biggest brands in cannabis


Access to financial and banking services is one of the biggest challenges for state-sanctioned cannabis operators today. AnamiTech offers a technology-based solution that will allow a broader base of financial institutions to service this growing industry. The GreenFin platform uses rigorous, risk-based security and compliance processes to meet the most stringent banking requirements (FinCEN, anti-money laundering), thereby allowing banks and other financial institutions to confidently identify state-legal, compliant cannabis operators in major markets.


A simple and clear reporting of financial, operational, and compliance data from permitted cannabis operators within a jurisdiction. It offers transparency and streamlined oversight with detailed dashboards and analytics. Pertinent government agencies can review cannabis activity by operator, license-type, geographic area, medical vs adult use, and other parameters. It offers auditing capabilities through integration with track-and-trace and point-of-sale data. ArcGIS Mapping of legal, permitted cannabis operators within the jurisdiction allows agencies to quickly identify unlicensed, illegal businesses to support enforcement functions.

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