An easy-to-use collaboration and work management tool designed specifically for franchise operations. GreenSpace manages the entire franchise business cycle from entitlement to construction and compliant operations in one easy dashboard. The software is pre-loaded with templates using prevailing best practices, but also highly customizable to specific needs. It is augmented with useful features like licensed location information and deadline reminders for important documents built into a smart filing system. GreenSpace helps businesses get organized and run more efficiently, avoiding costly mistakes.

A simple and clear reporting of financial, operational, and compliance data from permitted franchise operators. It offers transparency and streamlined oversight with detailed dashboards and analytics. Pertinent corporate agencies can review activity by operator, geographic area, and other parameters. It offers auditing capabilities through integration with point-of-sale data.



Access to financial and banking services is one of the biggest challenges for franchise operators today. AnamiTech offers a technology-based solution that will allow a broader base of financial institutions to service their industry. The GreenFin platform uses rigorous, risk-based security and compliance processes to meet the most stringent banking requirements (FinCEN, anti-money laundering), thereby allowing banks and other financial institutions to confidently identify franchise operators in major markets.